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Mustangs, Broncos and Ford Pickup Restorations

The owners of JSF Motorsports & Kustoms (Steve and Jason) initially opened JSF to start a simple father/son shop to offer top quality restorations in Central PA. With JSF’s proximity to the Carlisle Events complex it was the perfect place to show the unparalleled work that Jason demands before any vehicle leaves the shop. That all changed when the two of them could not keep up with the amount of work that came their way after a few cars they completed were sold @ Mecum Harrisburg. When word got out of the quality of the workmanship that they produced right here in Central PA they had to expand.

And expand they did, the shop is now three times its original size and JSF added Vince, Ricky and Dylan. These guys are some of the best technicians around in their given field of expertise including: fabricating, welding, chassis, motor and body work. Shop Location

JSF NOW OFFERS media blasting.

We utilize crushed glass as the abrasive not sand to avoid warping your sheet metal. It is also safe for your “plastic" bumpers and aluminum parts that need cleaned.

Car bodies
Race car frame
Aluminum parts

We offer fast turn around.

Steve and Jason

JSF New Shop Location